YorkCounts – Annual Summit

YorkCounts – Annual Summit

This morning at the ballroom in the Yorktowne Hotel, York Counts had their annual summit review of the past year’s activities. York Counts is a non-profit group working specifically for the betterment of York County. A short description from their website is below

Strength in numbers. When we work together, were stronger. Better. YorkCounts is a premier nonprofit coalition working to assess, sustain and enhance the quality of life in York County, Pennsylvania — building alliances, introducing partners, spotlighting issues and facilitating conversations on education, economic development, health and safety, diversity and more.

Today along with presentation of the county health department committee’s findings we heard from PA Gov. Rendell’s Chief of Staff, Gregory Fajt, who detailed how the recent federal stimulus money will benefit Pennsylvanians and those from York County.  We also heard an informative talk from Clarence Page, a columnist for the Chicago Tribune, who spoke about our government, President Obama and the current state of race relations in our country.

The big development of the summit was the release of York Counts 2009 Indicators Report. The report is described as covering “38 indicators that are used to build a multi-faceted picture of the county, with data on diversity, poverty, education, employment, workforce, public health and arts and entertainment.”  

Taking this information from the various available resources gives a glimpse into the status of York County as it relates to the average of the rest of the state of Pennsylvania.  I’d encourage you to read the report and see how these indicators can effect our ministry to York City


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