Soul Idolatry Excludes Men From Heaven

Soul Idolatry Excludes Men From Heaven


Today, my wife and I read the sermon ‘Soul Idolatry’ from 17th century Puritan pastor David Clarkson. We were both impressed at how deeply he exposed the types of ‘soul’ idols of those of us who do not bow down to statues of gold and silver.

Click here to read Clarkson’s penetrating sermon. This sermon will rock your world!

An excerpt: “Secret and soul idolatry, when the mind is set on anything more than God; when anything is more valued than God, more desired than God, more sought than God, more loved than God. Then is that soul worship, which is due only to God…Hence, “secret idolaters” shall have no inheritance in the kingdom of God. Soul idolatry will exclude men out of heaven as well as open idolatry. He who serves his lusts is as incapable of entering heaven, as he who worships idols of wood or stone!”

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