God’s New Society: An intro to why we need to hear the message of Ephesians today.

God’s New Society: An intro to why we need to hear the message of Ephesians today.

Across this country, on Monday morning, alarm clocks will go off at the time alarm clocks go off. Women, men and children will stumble out of bed, brush their teeth, comb their hair, grab a bite to eat, hop in a car and head off in scattered directions to work or school. Students will grab books from their individual lockers and grab an isolated seat in the classroom. Men and women will continue to drive, isolated in their cars until they arrive at work, where they will head to an individual, likely isolated, workstation or cubicle. Moms who work at home will get the little ones settled and head off to do their chores, isolated from adult interaction and conversation.

Hours later, after a day’s work, we will hop back into cars in isolation to head home. As we pull into driveways, we will click a button to raise the garage door, pull in and park and close the garage door. The neighbors may not see us unless we walk out to get the mail or to take the dog to the bathroom. Depending on the quality of our home life, we may enjoy a small amount of interaction together, likely isolated together in front of the television, with little to no conversation. Later we will climb into bed, close our eyes and drift off to repeat the pattern on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. On Saturday and Sunday we will detox as we prepare to repeat the same isolated pattern again next week.

And we will do it all to earn a meager paycheck so we can keep the pattern going. The isolation and loneliness becomes more poignant as our closest relationships suffer and disintegrate from the wear and tear of the pattern. Husbands and wives become too tired from work and caring for the kids to invest energy and time in their marriages. They grow too tired to exert positive energy toward the kids who persistently get on their nerves. The kids have grown weary as well of mom and dad’s inattention to them and the angry snapping of their frayed nerves.

There is too little time for doing the family stuff we really enjoy, too little money to do it, not enough hours to spend with friends we enjoy, or pursue the hobbies that rejuvenate our weary and lonely souls.

None of us are getting any younger. The years that are behind us have either surpassed the years in front of us or are creeping dangerously close to passing them.

We are stretched too far, sapped of energy, shattered into a thousand directions, isolated.

This is the current State of our Society and it is likely not the vision you had in mind when you were young or one you would like to pursue into your latter years.

The book of Ephesians is a letter about a new kind of society God is building in and around Jesus Christ, a society that is full of something deeper, more satisfying, a life life of relationships that are rich, and community where no person is ever isolated. If that sounds appealing then you need to hear the message of Ephesians.

The preceding was a part of the first sermon titled “God’s New Society” in the Ephesians series. The sermons from the Ephesians series will be posted on the site each week. 

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