What is City Church like?

What is City Church like?

City Church meets together for worship every Sunday morning at 10:30am at Logos Academy, located at 250 West King Street in York City. We warmly invite you to join us for worship on Sunday mornings.

We are a gathering of ordinary people who are for the Gospel and the City, attempting to follow Jesus faithfully in this time and place. It is our sincere joy to be a part of the life of York City and an honor to have a ministry here.

It is our desire to be a church where you can safely explore and understand the Good News of Christianity. To that end, we welcome and encourage questions and sincere attempts to understand the sometimes difficult to understand message of Christianity. We believe sincerely that God the Father welcomes all people to come to Him through His Son Jesus Christ and so we make it our goal to extend that same welcome to all people who come to City Church.

People often ask what a worship service is like on Sunday mornings, how they should dress and what to expect. Our goal is that our time of worship together is sincere, authentic and honest. There is no dress code written or unspoken. Most people dress in a way that they find is relaxed and comfortable. The music combines both contemporary worship songs, hymns, and Gospel songs using guitars, piano, drums and even a cello now and then. The sermons, by the Holy Spirit’s help, aim to be God-centered, Gospel-focused, convicting and filled with hope to help God’s people live with faith and repentance.

City Church places itself squarely within the bounds of historic, orthodox Christianity and so you can expect to also recite the historic Christian creeds, the Lord’s Prayer and celebrate the Lord’s Supper every week. The worship service concludes at noon.

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