Easter’s Over, Now What?

Easter’s Over, Now What?

Easter is fresh behind us where our thoughts were turned to the crucifixion, death, and resurrection of Jesus but the question that looms is, “How well do we really understand the sin that made Easter necessary?”

Not simply the individual moral failures of people. The ways in which we do what we shouldn’t or don’t do what we should. These individual failures each hold the essence of the ultimate failure. Focusing on and calling out the specific instances may be necessary and appropriate but if our attention is only here will we fail to really see the underlying issue. We will miss the forest for the trees.

In every instance of sin, it’s not merely that we did something wrong, that our behavior was bad, it’s that we’ve disobeyed God. For believers that seems obvious but often we think least and shallowest about that which is evident yet most profound. It is on this I want us to think.

On April 20th, four hours into our trip to Indiana, we got a call from one of the friends who was watching our dogs. She found one of our greyhounds dead. He was a gentle and sweet boy who had lived a long life for his breed. He was also the third greyhound we have lost. Two of those were to cancer. At times when I think about it I get angry. Not at death nor, as we are want to do at times, with God but with sin because I realize that God didn’t throw the first punch. Death is here precisely because we disobeyed God. The state of our world, its brokenness, violence, pain, and death, rests at our feet.

When we see the heartaches of our world let’s get angry at their cause – Sin – and set about doing the only thing that can change it – With Love, Grace, and Extended Hand, Proclaim the Risen Savoir!

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