Discount Drugs?

Discount Drugs?

York mayor unveils drug prescription savings cards – York, Pennsylvania .

Many of us have struggled to afford health care coverage for years, some opting to go without because of the insurmountable price tag.  Many of our country’s legislators have talked about the need to reduce the cost of healthcare and prescription drugs but yet very little is getting done to help those struggling to pay for the healthcare costs for themselves and their families.  

Residents of York City, through the City Government and the National League of Cities, can now receive discount cards that can be used to reduce the cost of prescription drugs.  The discount cards will cut an average of 20% from the retail costs of the medications.  

The new discount cards are available to any city residents regardless of income or health insurance coverage and are available to York City residents at city hall, 50 W. King St., and the city’s health bureau at 435 W. Philadelphia St.

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