Confronting Idols: Tim Keller @ The Gospel Coalition

Confronting Idols: Tim Keller @ The Gospel Coalition


Dr. Tim Keller of Redeemer Church in NYC brought a convicting talk about our different idols, to open up the Gospel Coalition National Conference in Chicago yesterday.   His notes are at the link below.  A mp3 of his talk is available here.

And Video available Here

Paul’s preaching was effective: it changed people’s lives to such an extent that it even changed the culture. The reason for this is that Paul confronted idols.

You can’t preach the gospel effectively if you don’t challenge idols. Paul always challenged people’s idols in his preaching. In Acts 17, Paul went to the Agora, the marketplace, which is where the idols of that culture were formed. In our culture, the marketplace is not shops and busy streets, because that’s no longer where culture is formed. For us, challenging idols in the marketplace means going to Hollywood, Harvard, and the New York Times—the places where ideas and beliefs are shaped.

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