City Church Partners With the YMCA to Keep Kids Off the Streets

City Church Partners With the YMCA to Keep Kids Off the Streets


Last Saturday night at 8:00 pm, about 15 City kids, ranging in age from 10-17, played basketball at the YMCA for about two hours thanks to a recently developed partnership between the YMCA and City Church. The program is designed to reach kids from 7th grade through recent high school grads to help get them off the streets on Saturday evenings during the summer. The program will be staffed by City Church volunteers as well as other community partners in the community such as Asbury United Methodist Church and Temple of Grace Ministries.

In my discussions with Craig Wolf at the YMCA, he noted that many children in the city are involved in programs but that their involvement drops off when they turn 12-13 years old. It was with this in mind that we established Saturday evening basketball for the duration of the summer months. Based on the home addresses that the kids provided us on Saturday, it would be safe to say that a majority of the kids that showed up are from neighborhoods that are historically at a higher risk for violence. The first night was a great success that provided a lot of opportunities for the volunteers to interact with the kids and each other.


YMCA @ 90 N Newberry Street
Time: 8-10pm Saturday’s during the summer break from school.
Who:  Students 7th grade up until 2009 High school graduates

If you are interested in volunteering you can contact me through the website. Click here for a short TV interview about the struggle to connect kids to programs in the City. The video spotlights Craig Wolf and the YMCA where our event is being held. Also of note, the downtown YMCA is where City Church will be holding its weekly worship services!

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