City Church York: For the Gospel and the City

City Church York: For the Gospel and the City

Welcome to the blog of City Church York. I hope you will benefit from the conversations that will take place here.

God has brought together a group of people called City Church who hope to join Jesus’ work in York City. This blog is dedicated to City Church’s desire to become a different kind of people; people who are growing in their love for God (reverent); people who are experiencing the subtle tug of the Gospel (changing); people who are honest about their struggle to live the Christian life (true).

The beauty of the Gospel is that God doesn’t just change us for our own good, but He does it for the good of other needy people and somehow gets glory from it all. To that end, City Church is working to celebrate York City. This blog will attempt to show how the Gospel impacts every human endeavor (Gospel-centered), how the Gospel moves us to care (compassionate), how the Gospel compels us to be for our city (positive).

This blog is a conversation about the Gospel and York City, every part of it. I hope you’ll join the conversation.

For the Gospel and York City,

Aaron Anderson

Pastor, City Church York

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