An Honest Prayer about Money and Security

An Honest Prayer about Money and Security

I thought I would share some notes on how God is using the sermons in my own heart and life. An excerpt from my prayer journal:

Lord, let me not be like the Pharisee who sees sin as someone else’s struggle. I look at America and see the prevalence of the idol of money. I read about the rich young ruler in the Gospels and shake my head in disbelief that he walked away from Jesus because he loved his wealth so much. But could it be that much of my security is tied up in money and possessions? If You told me to sell it all, would I do it? Only by You working in my twisted heart!

Change the foundation of my security from earthly things that are shifting sand, to the Rock of Your unfailing love. May I stand there, unmoved, unshaken by the winds and storms that would buffet my very soul. May I really believe that to have You is to have everything. Close my eyes and ears to the allure and seduction of the Great Prostitute who desires to drown my soul in the worship of money and possessions. Remind me that my hope, my security is found in Another, a faithful spouse who suffered abject poverty of body and soul for me.

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