A Book I Just Finished: Giving Church Another Chance

A Book I Just Finished: Giving Church Another Chance

I’ll try to post a quick review of any books I’ve recently finished out here to see if they might tickles someone’s fancy.

I just finished Giving Church Another Chance by Todd D. Hunter, a bishop for the Anglican Mission in the Americas. Hunter writes from an interesting perspective, having ministered and traveled in a wide range of church circles. Hunter writes out of the experience of a pastor who became weary of ‘church.’ This book is his attempt to help people envision church not as an event but as a pre-game meeting, a launching pad for service into the world.

Hunter’s book comes to the church in the swell of many books about the need for the church to become more missional. I found Hunter’s book not overly critical of the church, as have been a significant number of works of late, but an attempt to help Christians see the spiritual practices of the church as a good source of help in living the Christian life from Monday to Saturday.

As for my opinion, I’ve read so many books of late on the missional church that I found it at times difficult to really dive in. At other times, I found Hunter helpful and instructive in connecting what happens on Sunday morning to the rest of the week. People who are tired of church or struggle to connect Sunday morning worship with what happens throughout the week would probably benefit.

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